Thursday, 7 August 2014

Sneak peek

Hi again,
Here's a sneak peek of some new stuff that's at the casters at the moment. More info and better pics in a couple of weeks.
Until then...

Friday, 18 July 2014

Unreleased ECW figures - plus a great bit of paintwork

Here's a 28mm ECW regiment pics sent in by Charles Singleton showing the Kings Lifeguard. They were painted by Kev Howroyd of Brigantes Studio and flags by John Hutchinson of the Stonewall Wargames Demo group.
The reason I'm showing them is that most of the figs are ECW sculpts by me for my personal ECW army. I did these a while ago but never ended up releasing them as I ended up doing more sci-fi stuff. These are a mix of the master castings that had separate heads and they have been combined with our heads and other Bicorne figs. Maybe one day I'll come back to these and finish them. Even so its a great bit of work.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Near Future figs on scenery

A while ago I showed a SWAT type test fig I made from our Near Future sprues - well I've finished about 25 of them now so decided to take some shots on some scenery with some of our infected figs. The building in the background is made using the excellent Dust Tenement kits with added sections to make it bigger.
Enjoy the pics.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Sword Beach Bolt Action game

Hi again,
To celebrate D Day we thought we'd have a Sword Beach game.
It gave me a chance to get out my beach section which hasn't been used for years. I used most of my buildings, 2 scratch built bunkers, my teddy bear fur and a few concrete wall and hedge sections, barred wire etc to create the effect.
The Brits were lead by Martin Howarth and Gary Beardsworth who did a stirling job of working together (most of the time) to fight their way inland to secure the bunkers and blunt any reinforcements that turned up. Rules were Bolt Action, figs were mostly Artizan with a few Crusader and Warlord thrown in.
Great, fun game and some nice shots to boot.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Swat/black ops test paint

Hi again,

Here's something I've wanted to do for a while - paint up some Near Future figs in a swat/black ops style for general gaining uses. I've made up 25 figs using a mixture of torsos with body armour etc and added the gas mask head with ballistic helmet.

This is the first test paint using a black undercoat with grey drybrushing then wash it back with black and blue - then flick on some highlights in grey/grey blue. I didn't want to spend ages on these so I've just added green for the lenses and some tiny red insignia to give the fig some 'life'.

When I've done the full 24, I'll blog them up here on some scenery.

More Pig Iron sculpting to do first though - System Scavengers.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

New greens...

Its been a while since we had some greens here but you may have realised by now I'm a very slow worker.
Anyway, as part of the Kolony project here's the masters for some new figs - System Scavengers. They follow the same bulky, hard sci-fi design theme of the Kolony range but unlike the standard System Troopers their armour is less hi-tech and made up of multi-layered overlapping plates and padding. This tends to tone down the overtly elite military look as befits their role as heavily armed, far ranging scavenger teams. I will probably add more wear and tear and customisation as these get cut-up and used to create more figs.
The keen eyed among you may notice how the weapon and respirator has been cropped up before on the rebel command sprue reinforcing the idea that the rebels utilise all kinds of looted weaponry and equipment.
The even more keen eyed will notice how the weapon is actually an updated design of the Heavy Infantry weapon, which was one of the first things I ever sculpted and was a bit basic so I always wanted to revisit it.
The bodies without arms etc are the basis for command, special and heavy weapon and casualty packs which will be next up for sculpting.
These have been done as single piece castings with separate heads allowing you loads of customising opportunities for a wide range of game settings. We know you love it that way.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Small Bolt Action game pics

Here's some pics from a recent Bolt Action we set up one evening.
Basic Normandy setup: lots of hedges, hidden Germans, knocked-out British armour etc etc. The objective for the British was to flush out hidden German anti-tank units to allow armour to follow up behind. It was looking bad for the British but a series of poor German MG rolls gave them some respite and allowed them to pour some fire back at the Germans and force a couple of units to bug out. This left the last German unit in a really bad position and they eventually ran after combined fire on their position.
It would have been very different if a single turn of fire had gone better for the Germans.
Enjoy the pics. Si