Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Near Future Gallery Update

Hi all,
Here's some great figs painted by my good mate Martin Howarth. He's made a fantastic job of these with a very subtle camo effect. I shot these after I cleared away the ECW game last week.
Now for the shameless business bit - You can buy these (and the rest of our ranges) from Tablescape at Salute 2014. Phew, got it off my chest!
Enjoy the pics...

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Friday night ECW Pike and Shotte game

Here's a selection of images from our ECW game last week. Great game with some interesting results. In a nutshell - Dave completely rolled up and routed Martins entire left flank while Gary steadily broke my cavalry then started to eat away at my flank in a repeat of what happened on the opposite end of the table. Most enjoyable night.
Enjoy the pics.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Hellboy gets dressed up!

Hi again,
Here's something that's been sat in my box for months - a conversion of Hasslefree's great Harby mini.
You get some great extra bits with Harby which share a striking resemblance to our favourite red comic character - nice touch. With some extra sculpting for the horns on the forehead the look is complete, but I also wanted to do something extra so I sculpted formal trousers and added a shirt, tie and waistcoat.
Perfect for rolling up at wedding receptions to give some demonic beastie some TLC.
The painting was simply black with added grey highlights and highlighting up from a dark burgundy on the skin.
Laters, Si.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Pig Iron minis available from Tablescape at Cavalier 2014

As usual Tablescape will be stocking our figs at Cavalier this Sunday along with their own range of pre-painted scenery. Panic over!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Recent ACW games

Hi all,
Here's a quick post showing a couple of recent ACW games using Black Powder rules. The first set was from a game at Martin's house where the Union got a thorough seeing to by a thin line of defending rebs. Figs are a mix of Perry and Foundry with maybe some Dixon in there as well.
The second set is a game at Dave's I dropped in for a chin wag. Not sure on the outcome of that game - too cold if you're not stood by the heater.
All good fun.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Gordon Highlanders

Hi again,
Here's some Gordon Highlanders I've been painting for some Sudan games.
In actuality these are North West Frontier Foundry figs with a few Perry Black Watch mixed in. People who know me realised long ago that I'm not a purist. The very keen eyed among you may be able to spot an Indian Mutiny fig has been drafted in but he's recently been discharged and replaced with a new Perry bugler since this shot was taken. They are mounted on pennies and the movement trays are from warbases.

I've just finished a similar regiment of Cameron highlanders resplendent in red tunics - more on them another time.

Until next time...

Friday, 10 January 2014

Kolony Militia by Martin Howarth

Hi lads,
These have been sitting on my desk for months (Soz mate!) waiting for me to photograph and share with you guys.
A regular gaming (and drinking) mate Martin Howarth has done a splendid job on these multi-part Kolony Militia. In his words "Vanpars rebel scouts have emerged from the Burn...".
I'm looking forward to seeing his finished NF figs and getting them on the gaming table and up against my Irregulars soon.

Highlanders next time I think.

Laters Si.