Monday, 26 January 2015

We've had a restock...

Just a quick one to say we've had a restock of various codes this week. There's still a few codes out of stock but these will be coming in soon. Many thanks to Jane and the guys at Griffin Moulds for getting back up to speed after the devastation of Stewarts passing.


Friday, 16 January 2015

Back on the sculpting after a repaint...

I'm back sculpting after the xmas break and a general lack of enthusiasm and working on additions to the System Scavengers - special weapons etc.
To get me back in the zone I was playing around with a repaint of the sample figure I did for the first pack as it was looking too military for me so I did the fabric in dirty yellow to give it a more industrial bio-hazard feel.
I added some angular black patterns to break up the yellow and plenty of dirt and grime.
I'll post up some sculpts when they are a bit more finished.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Visiting Griffin Moulds

Here's a few snaps I took when we called in at Griffin Moulds to talk about some new work. We've been using Griffin for years but have never met Stewart and the lads so it was an interesting morning where we got to see the whole process for both metal and resin casting and pick up an order off them while we were there. The shots below show Lisa (the better half of Pig Iron) and Stewart Griffin, some moulds being prepared, a spin caster, a rack of our moulds and a mould for our resin tank chassis. Having seen first-hand the mould prep I can see now how Griffin manage to cast what some people would say couldn't be cast. All good.


Thursday, 20 November 2014

Revisiting the Wardroids

I'm currently revisiting our Wardroid sculpts with a view to adding a pack or two of smaller (human sized) versions.
To get into the mood (so to speak), I decided to paint up some of the existing Wardroids which are about 40mm tall. These pics feature each of the 3 different poses plus components from the upgrade sprues.
The new sculpts will follow similar design cues to link the 2 different sizes: Hard edged, blocky elements and a head with 2 protruding 'sensor-type-things'. Most of the work will be done in Plasticard sheet, rods and tubes with green stuff over the top to form the outer casing - like building it all up from the working machinery. I really like working in Plasticard but it means that it will all have to be cast in resin before cutting them all up again and making the masters for casting in metal.
I've got some support weapon figs for the System Scavenger Guards already done but I'm waiting for some more stuff to fill a master mould before these move onto the next stage.


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Re-discovering old minis part 1

Its been a while since the last blog update but recently I've been sorting out my 'work area' and came across these old painted Kolony Rebels. They are painted a bit too 'uniform' looking at them now but I still like them.
Wardroids next time - trying out some painting non-khaki colours (for a change).

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Pig Iron Blog: Indo-China game using Bolt Action

Here's some pics of a small Indo China game we had recently using Bolt Action rules.
The figs are great Paul Hicks sculpts by Red Star/Empress and the scenery is scratch built here at Pig Iron.
We made a few tweaks to the rules, namely: 
1. All the dense jungle blocked LOS and was impassible. 
2. All the table except the paths had soft cover. 
3. We introduced a spotting rule that meant you had to pass leadership to spot a target on the 'first fire' unless the target had fired at you previously. 
4. The French we classed as veteran. 
5. Deviation on all mortar fire (similar to 40k style).
All worked well and we had a great game where the French had to fight their way off a random table edge.
It was touch and go for a while but the French veteran status kicked-in when units lent supporting fire to allow units to escape - costly victory with a a hefty butchers bill to pay.