Thursday, 26 November 2015

New Infected figures available to buy now.

New Infected figures and head sprues are available to order now from the Pig Iron Site. Just in time for a gribbly, infectious xmas. I'll be posting some ideas for conversions over the next few weeks as there's load of uses for these 'orrible things. Codes on the Pig Iron site are IN.3 and HD.28.
We hope you like them.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

New System Scavengers with special weapons released...

This month sees the release of 3 new figures to add some close range infantry support for the System Scavengers.
These 3 figures come with a selection of heads and backpacks on a separate sprue to give you some flexibility when building your squads. The weapons come from the System range and include a HMG, Heavy Laser and Flamer. The flamer has small canisters which load into the bottom of the weapon and are also depicted on the backpack in carry-pouches. All the backpacks come loaded with equipment and extra weapons.
These new figures, heads and components are compatible with rest of our ranges and most heroic-scaled sci-fi ranges out there.
We hope you like the new figures and thanks for all your continued support.
Cheers, Simon and Lisa

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

A bit of a tease for some future stuff. More to come over the next couple of weeks.
Cheers Si

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Pig Iron workbench update

Hi all,
Its been a while since we've done a workbench update mainly because over the last few months I've had to concentrate on my Graphic Design projects so Pig Iron has been sadly sitting idle and neglected for a few months.
But now I'm back on the putty so here we have a quick shot of some System Scavenger Specialists. These feature 2 standard System weapons and new Flamer which hasn't been used before.

They will feature a mix of separate heads and backpacks and be released as a 3 fig set.

So whats next?
I'm also working up some more Infected that show further degeneration and mutation - a sort of Stage 2 Infection. More on those next time when I'm a bit further down the line.

Friday, 21 August 2015

New website goes live...

Hi all,

We've been busy at Pig Iron Towers redesigning a new website that works better, is mobile friendly and has more pics of painted minis.
We've also changed our shipping rates to better reflect current Royal Mail charges.

Have a look at the new site here:

Monday, 22 June 2015

Tech Terrain Boards

Here’s a load of pics of the Tech Terrain boards I posted on our Facebook page last friday.

I’ve found the the key to undertaking something like this is to spend a few month collecting all the bits and pieces you need. It can seem like a massive uphill task unless you’ve got pretty much everything to hand. I used Necromunda bulkheads and Mantic battle zone sections as my basic building items and then just filled the spaces in between with all sorts of junk. DIY shops and Poundshops are great for finding things that are interesting and techy looking.
I waited until I won an Ebay auction for a massive box of used Necro Bulkheads then started from there.

Here’s a basic breakdown of some of the things I used…
Necromunda bulkheads - Try and pick them up on Ebay - not cheap though.
Mantic battle zone sections - same size as the bulkheads and great value.
GW building sections - de-skulled and used in reverse/upside down etc. Hide or disguise the gothic bits.
GW weapons, bits and vehicle parts - the stuff that gets left on the sprues.
Plastic storage boxes - ready made techy shapes.
Interesting shaped junk - as much as you can find.
Foamex and foamcore - to make the actual boards and basic construction.
Plastic mesh sheets - walkways, flooring etc etc.
Dowling rods, drinking straws and felt tip pens - pipes, supports etc.
Plastic tubing - ribbed, smooth, whatever you can find.
Garden wire - all different thicknesses for wiring, pipes etc.
Electrical ties - ribbed texture to hide foam core edges (DIY shops)
Electrical tie wall holders - nice techy look and great to run wires through. (DIY shops).
Valve caps - cut the rounded end off and run wires through them.
Self adhesive magnetic sheet - to wrap around pipes to add interest.
Flat back nail art beads - rivets - the more the merrier.
Then it was just a case of tackle a section at a time and if you get bored leave it alone for a while and keep going back to it when you get the odd half an hour or so. There’s still more I want to do but this is easily enough small skirmish games ranging from Steampunk, Post Apoc right through to 40k and Infinity.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Painted 'Asthma' Vents

Here's the painted version of the 'Asthma Vents'. To get the rusty effect I use watered down orange paint and tend to dab it on then add more water to chase it into the gaps but keep a tissue handy to soak bits up. What I also tend to do on plastic parts is give them a wash over with really, really diluted water based wood filler - this gives the plastic a nice fine grainy surface which really soaks up the next paint layers.